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Upgrade Your Customers’ Coffee Experience While Boosting Your Business!

ansā’s pioneering fully automatic precision-roasting technology uses Artificial Intelligence to activate individual green coffee beans from the inside out and produce a delicious uniform roast every time.

This innovative technology powers thee ansā’s on-demand Micro-Roaster appliance.

ansā’s solution bundles the micro-roaster with a complementary premium coffee beans subscription, delivered from the field to the office.


The Barista

The ansā Stand-Alone Countertop Unit

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A standalone countertop appliance that automatically and continuously roasts coffee. This is the ideal setup for the office with the coffee pros that seek the freedom to brew their coffee in any way they want. The freshly roasted coffee lands in a drawer from which it can be moved to a grinder or a bean-to-cup bean hopper.


  • Serves multiple coffee machines 

  • Ideal for barista stations or staffed kitchenettes

  • No need to replace the current brewing method

  • Includes a subscription to premium coffee beans sourced directly from the farmers

  • Daily output: 4 lbs

  • Standard US outlet. Voltage: 1/N/PE, 115 V~, 60 Hz, 16 A - US/CA


The Retro

The ansā Mounted Retrofitted Unit

Concept 03.201.png
Concept 03.199 copy.png

An integrative appliance that is mounted on-top of any bean-to-cup coffee machine. This is the perfect setup for the office that desires a “no-hassle” solution that automatically and continuously roasts coffee, dispensing the freshly roasted coffee directly into the bean hopper of the bean-to-cup machine.


  • Fully automatic operation featuring a streamlined user experience 

  • Ideal for kitchenettes with super-automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine

  • No need to replace the current brewing method 

  • Includes a subscription to premium coffee beans sourced directly from the farmers

  • Daily output: 4 lbs

  • Standard US outlet. Voltage: 1/N/PE, 115 V~, 60 Hz, 16 A - US/CA


Assert yourself as an innovative coffee services operator by being among the first to introduce a groundbreaking coffee system that enables you to deliver the goodness of premium freshly roasted coffee.

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An Eco-Friendly Choice

  • 100% traceable, directly traded coffee 

  • High energy efficiency to achieve carbon neutrality

  • Completely recyclable packaging

  • Safe, clean, and quiet

  • Compact and sleek design


The ansā Smart Micro-Roaster 

Orchestrate all your assets and access all your information, anytime, online!
Enjoy full transparency, performance, and information flow, plan future service maintenance schedule and anticipate service requirements. Gain insights on customer's consumption and anticipate delivery time to best control your resources and optimize supply management, allowing for maximum machine uptime.


  • Optimize maintenance

  • Remote software updates 

  • Early warning system

  • Lower operational costs

  • Preserve consistency

Control and track each roaster individually, manage in real-time the roasting process from a central online dashboard

  • On/Off Set roast start timer

  • Set roast quotas

  • Select roasting profiles

  • New roasting profiles updates

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  • Instagram

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